How tarent is truly empowering women
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How tarent is truly empowering women

23.03.2023 Posted 7 Monaten ago Surbhi Madan

In IT companies we see only 10% women in leading positions but in tarent we can find as many as 40% women. When they do not differentiate between genders and important is the talent than how were they so successful in making the difference. I will shed some light on this.

Remote working option

At tarent we are allowed to work remotely 100%. Many would like the flexibility of working remotely but for single parents it is the only possible way of working with so much chaos going on in life. For pregnant and returning to work moms also it is a great breather. We are hearty thankful for having this option.

Learning and training opportunities

tarent always promotes to learn and develop ourselves. Getting training and courses sponsored from company is a very simple and quick process. tarentlers even get 12 days of paid leaves a year for learning. Women have been ahead of taking advantage of this program for skills development and are excelling in leadership.

Community culture

While in corporate world colleges compete to get ahead, tarentlers instead believe in empowering and supporting each other. Upon seeing me facing problems with work my fellow colleague herself approached and guided me so that I could bounce back. This sort of gesture I had never seen or heard before. tarentlers work as a community. We support each other, exchange feedback and retrospect to get better.

Parent Child room in tarent

For those who live in bonn and would want to work together with colleagues they can bring kids along if needed. Kids also get a lovely room to play quipped with favourite toys while mamma can work in peace. What a beautiful gesture.

tarent is always thoughtful about how it can bring a change. With a point of view of giving back to society donations are given to the organisations working for women. The Bonn Women’s House and UN Women.

In the end Thank you tarent from all the women employees for the surprise gift on women’s day. We are glad to be part of tarent.

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