Advanced and further training
This is what distinguishes us

Advanced and further training

Every one of us has a skill that sets us apart from everyone else and this is something that everyone should benefit from. Thanks to our personalised advanced and further training programme, we can recognise, develop and optimally deploy the potential of all our employees – as they want and need us to.

More than just further training

Our aim is to enable all employees to develop in accordance with their needs and this is reflected by our value set. Be it meetups, seminars, conferences, training sessions, learning groups, webinars, online lectures or just reading a book: we support practically every form of further training that appeals to you. Just like any other employee, we give you 12 days every year to take advantage of these opportunities – we call them the Heracles Days.


Take what you need and when you need it

Our vision is clear. Working together with you, we want to recognise and develop your potential. We want you to improve still further on what you are now. And we want to empower both you and ourselves to deploy this potential optimally – both at a human and professional level.

For this reason, we provide all employees with personalised development paths, promote the principle of taking on responsibility when it is unexpectedly placed upon you and identify tailor-made opportunities for advanced training.


Trust, freedom, sustainability

Our aim is for every employee to be able to decide freely and independently about which form of further training he undertakes and when and which format suits his learning style. We provide start-up support and help you come up with ideas, supply further training formats and advise our employees about the options they have.


Everyone grows as a result

Whether you undertake a 12-day training programme over a longer period of time, use one day every month for a coaching session or invest one hour every day in reading matter that brings you on: you can do all of this at tarent as long as it helps you to develop as an employee. Only when everyone gets the best further training that helps them to advance, will we all improve and become more successful.