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“We‘re implementing Scrum now – more or less, at least!”

Perhaps you’ve taken the first steps on your agile transformation process but are hitting a few snags and aren’t sure what‘s causing these and how to proceed… If that’s the case, we can work with you and your team for four weeks over two development cycles, by shadowing you, conducting interviews, and analyzing what’s going on. By the end of the process, you’ll have some concrete suggestions for experiments you can try and methods you can adopt to optimize your agile transformation and get back on track for success.

25 years of experience

We teach what we practice

For more than ten years, we’ve been organizing our work on the basis of agile principles. Along the way, we’ve gradually rolled out agile working methods from our software teams to the entire organization and developed those methods further. As a result, we have built up a wealth of experience from which you can also benefit.

In addition to our in-house experience, we can also draw on a wide range of real-life examples. After all, as well as the challenges of agile transformation you face yourself, most of our clients and your competitors will be dealing with similar issues. Why not benefit from our experience for your own organization and work with us to determine your team’s maturity in agile techniques?

An overview of our service

What does an agile check-up involve?

  • 2 tarent coaches
  • Observation of two development cycles
  • Monitoring of your Daily Scrums and Refinements
  • Analysis of your project phases and Retrospectives
  • Holding of one-on-one interviews – within your team and on a cross-team basis
  • Determination of your agile maturity level
  • Recommendations for future action

Client testimonials

Tim Mettbach
Head of Purchasing & Facility Management
I.T.E.N.O.S. International Telecom Network Operation Services GmbH

tarent has won us over both professionally – thanks to its high-level skills and long-term support – and on a human level, in terms of its team’s great empathy and personality. As a result of their workshops, we have reached a milestone in the development of our internal cooperation and our approach to new projects. For a good many of our employees, the workshops were a highlight of the past year.


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Klaas Kölster

Agile Consultant


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