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Modern innovation methods are not just of relevance for start-ups…

… but can benefit any organization that wants to actively develop its competitiveness by shortening innovation cycles and consistently aligning itself with market and customer needs. Everything starts with your vision or product idea. On the way to the finished product, we’ll work with you to guide your idea from development and prototyping right up to market testing. A minimum viable product (MVP) can help you to create an initial version of product even at an early stage. We can advise you on how to proceed and work with your employees and customers on organizing workshops. We can also collaborate on compiling requirements and prioritizing them based on their value to your customers and your business.

Design Thinking und Effectuation

How can businesses succeed in developing new products and solutions that are focused on customer needs and that will have a long market life? Using modern innovation methods, we can open up new opportunities for you. For example, design thinking can provide a clear process for innovation development, while effectuation focuses on what we can design right now even if the future remains uncertain. » More

Lean Startup

The lean startup approach relies on a simple, three-stage process – build, measure, learn – that a business can leverage to establish continuous product improvement, faster feedback cycles, and greater personal ownership. We can support you in the use of this new working and development model. » More

Agile requirement workshops

Agile software development is also associated with new approaches to requirements engineering. While the sequencing of development cycles is more rapid in a dynamic market environment, a structured and planned approach remains a prerequisite for success.

Software project management

We can support you in both the design phase and the professional management of your software projects. In order to achieve long-term success, it’s also important to evaluate the progress of any ongoing projects and, if necessary, refocus or even realign them.

Business Model Innovation

In the context of business model innovation, we support you in both the design and implementation of your business model. To do this, we utilize the Business Model Canvas and Value Proposition Design approaches and can also happily train you on these if required. Why not work with us on making your business model even more cost-effective?

Emerging Technologies

New technologies such as IoT and artificial intelligence (AI) are all the rage, but how can you practically utilize them for your business? In cooperation with your team, we can evaluate suitable use cases, identify the biggest opportunities, find suitable tools and technologies, and develop initial prototypes.

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What our clients say

Stefan Kastner
Digital Solutions Manager
Green Sale GmbH + Co. KG
In tarent – and Corinna Voß and Kaya Raue in particular – we have found a constantly committed, proactive, and mentally challenging partner. As the newly founded innovation center for the well-known dog food brands Josera and Green Petfood, we have benefited greatly from tarent’s exciting and effective workshops on agile working and design thinking. In addition to Corinna’s strong methodological knowledge, we were able to benefit especially from her empathy and her ability to put herself in our shoes. With her calm and thoughtful manner, she mastered the process of facilitating the workshops confidently and is still available to us now – long after the workshops – as a skilled “sparring partner” for subsequent questions over the phone. Based on our positive experience with tarent, we have also shortlisted the organization for any future projects in its various areas of expertise.

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Frederik Vosberg

Head of Innovation Consulting




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