IT audits

As an independent IT service provider, we can audit your projects, products, entire system environment, or just selected parts of it in a professional and collaborative manner. As a result of our analysis, you’ll receive well-grounded information about the timeliness, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness of your systems.

Reasons why an IT audit makes sense

There are a wide range of reasons why an organization might commission an IT audit. Most clients turn to us for support in this area for the following reasons:

● they feel they aren’t making sufficient progress on an important project,
● knowledge has been lost due to changes in personnel, as a result of which an independent assessment of the system environment is required,
● they are about to make a major investment and are looking for an independent evaluation.

In every case, an audit provides the opportunity for all of the parties involved to concentrate on a collaborative assessment and put aside their day-to-day work for a short period. Doing this helps achieve focused, higher-quality results.


tarent’s expertise

With our team, we have gained experience across a wide range of projects. Along the way, we’ve gathered a range of insights into organizations and structures, become familiar with a variety of technologies and system environments, and met people from many different professions. This has given us an enormous wealth of experience that allows us to consider every situation in an appropriately respectful way. We can therefore undertake audits for you as our client in a professional and purposeful manner.


How long does an audit take?

Depending on the size of the system, an audit will take between five and 30 days. The audit is usually performed by means of interviews; specifically, two of our team members will conduct and interview with two of your employees. We agree the precise schedule for the interviews in a joint kickoff session. If necessary, of course, we can adjust the schedule in the course of the audit. Each audit process ends with a presentation of the results, which we make available to all participants in advance.


The aim of an audit: added value for you

Generally speaking, an audit serves as an evaluation of the situation. For each finding – out of the many audit results – we present and explain the suggested measures to your team. If you are interested, we can then also separately take charge of planning and prioritizing the proposed measures for you. It’s worth mentioning that we see audits as exciting and interesting projects. In a very short time, we get to know a lot of people in different situations. After a brief period of uncertainty, in conjunction with you as our client we engage in a highly constructive and intensive examination of the issues involved before finally coming up with a set of concrete results. Because of this collaborative and iterative process, IT audits are among the very favorite projects we work on.

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