Workshop: Design Thinking

Design Thinking

How can businesses succeed in developing new products and solutions that are focused on customer needs and that will have a long market life? Design thinking involves a clear, six-step process to help teams and organizations (re-)activate their own innovation development abilities and find answers to challenging problems.


Design thinking is a method for both solving complex problems and developing new ideas and innovations. The design thinking process is particularly helpful when no clear solution is in sight. At the same time, design thinking – despite its openness to different solutions – provides a clear structure. This always ensures that teams focus on the target audience and develop ideas that are actually needed and that offer added value.


Benefits for the client
Design thinking is so much more than just a creativity technique. As a method, it’s used worldwide to generate new products and services. Design thinking gives businesses a totally new perspective on their customers and their customers’ needs. Companies use the method to develop solution-focused ideas that are needed on the market and to activate the innovative capacity and problem-solving skills of their own employees.


• Understand: Investigate the topic and the problem area
• Observe: Collect and understand users’ perspectives
• Evaluate: Filter out actual needs
• Develop user perspectives with the help of “personas”
• Develop ideas using creativity techniques and visualization
• Prototyping
• Testing methods


Corinna Voß
Agile Remote Coach


Expert in the fields of:
DT coaching, facilitation, innovation, New Work, customer centricity, agile practices

Target audience

This workshop is aimed at:
• all those interested in developing ideas and new products or services
• a complementary, diverse team that is important for the success of the process
• all those interested, irrespective of their role, qualifications, or previous knowledge

Objectives achieved

By the end of the training, participants will have…
• become familiar with the design thinking process, experiencing and applying this while working as part of a team;
• recognized how customers and users are brought back to focusing on their own thoughts and actions;
• applied the design thinking exercises and phases to a predefined, open-ended question.
• experienced the design thinking mindset and a new working rhythm.

Outline information

Duration: 2 days
Workshop in: German or English
Max. number of participants: 18
Location: Bonn or, if preferred, on your premises


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