Digital Kickoff
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Move your digitization forward instead of just talking about it

Are you still only just beginning to digitize your business process and not exactly sure which way you’re headed? With our help, you’ll be able to identify and understand the opportunities for digitizing your business model.


In our four-week Digital Kickoff program, in which we work with you to develop an executable prototype, you’ll get a feel for the likely expenditure involved. The prototype can act as a feasibility study and even be tested with your customers.


Maybe you feel that a prototype is not a constructive approach for your situation. If so, feel free to reach out to us to see how we can help. The result of a Digital Kickoff can take many forms. Whether MVP, road map, implementation procedure, or proof of concept, the possibilities are endless.


Let’s create something new by combining your knowledge of your business model with our technical expertise.

  • Free-of-charge specification workshop to ensure that our offering is right for you
  • Develop your understanding of the opportunities offered by digitization
  • Rapid project launch for a short time-to-market
  • Intensive involvement in the development process facilitated by a personal consultant
  • An exit strategy defined right from the start of the project ensures that any development is future-proof even without tarent’s involvement

The challenges you face

  • Uncertainty about the opportunities for digitization and which ones are most appropriate
  • Lack of knowledge about what overall expenditure might be involved
  • Pressures on time, in that your day-to-day operations don’t allow for the use of your own specialists

The benefits for you

  • Delivery of a software prototype after only four weeks, potentially including internal and external testing
  • Weekly review meetings to ensure your direct involvement in the development process
  • Intensive project support from your tarent consultant to ensure lossless exchange of information
  • Short time to market thanks to rapid project startup with the help of an experienced team

What our customers say

Mark Bornemann
Leader Customer Care, Business Unit IT
I.T.E.N.O.S. International Telecom Network Operation Services GmbH

In the context of its Digital Kickoff, tarent gave us a clear view of how we can replace our existing large-scale IT system with a modern in-house development and what benefits this will bring for us. We are therefore not only able to identify potential savings for the future but also know how to map out further IoT use cases within the new system. We are now highly certain about the various steps required, which are now predictable for us. In addition to its team’s technical expertise, tarent also won us over on a methodological level with its high degree of consulting expertise. Thanks to the agile and transparent approach taken, we were able to give feedback at all times and make adjustments. As a result, the end product is 100% tailored to our use case.

Technology and experience

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Alen Popovic

Digitization expert



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    * All prices are exclusive of statutory VAT / sales tax. No order needs to be placed for the free-of-charge requirements workshop and there is no obligation to purchase even after you have taken part in it. The calculation of the basic price is based on the use of 3 developers + 1 product owner over a period of four weeks.