Price Monitoring with copio analytics

Price Monitoring with copio analytics

Keep an eye on your competitors and their activities

A comprehensive view of the competition and its activities is more important than ever. What are the different product ranges and how do they develop over time? What are the current prices of your competitors? How often and when do they modify their prices? Answering these questions is essential for operational and strategic decisions on price optimisation as well as assortment design. Unfortunately, it is very time-consuming to keep such data up to date at all times.

copio analytics is the solution! The automated and regular extraction of competitor assortments gives you extensive data for the analysis and optimization of your prices. The high-performance matching algorithm supports you in assigning products to their appropriate counterpart so that price comparisons can be carried out quickly and clearly.

copio analytics at a glance

You decide on the online shops and categories that will be monitored and choose the monitoring cycle that suits you best. The relevant competitive information is automatically captured by copio analytics and thus replaces time-consuming manual research.

Do you want to compare your articles directly with your competitor’s? A high-performance multi-level matching algorithm assigns each product to respective equivalents on your competitor’s side, validates them automatically or presents matching suggestions for manual review.

Would you like to know how often your competitors change their prices, the differences compared to your own prices or which new products the competition has added to their range? The extensive analysis functions of copio analytics allow you to retrieve all this information quickly and help you develop recommendations for action.

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Your benefits

  • Keep an eye on all desired competitors and marketplaces
  • Define the products you would like to compare and how regularly they will be crawled
  • Compare the prices of individual products, defined shopping baskets or entire categories
  • See price developments at product or shopping basket level at a glance
  • Track changes in your competitor’s assortments
  • Export the data you need directly as an Excel file

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