Product monitoring with ORAYA insights

Channel Monitoring with ORAYA insights

Our web-based tool for product monitoring, allows you as a manufacturer to keep an eye on your brand through regular, automated searches in various comparison platforms and online shops.

Do you need a complete overview of the placement of your products in the online market? Is it important for you to see which sales channels your brand is sold on and by whom? Do you want to make sure that your products are displayed the way you planned?

With ORAYA insights you can keep an eye on your products at all times. The standard package of our web-based tool automatically searches for detailed information about your products on Amazon, eBay, Google Shopping and Idealo. You will receive dealer information, deviations from the RRP, product links and further details as a .csv export – directly by e-mail. The explorative search function lets you search for additional webshops outside the standard platforms.

Would you like to include specific online shops or international platforms in your analyses? Extend ORAYA insights with additional crawlers tailored to your needs. Ask for our easy-to-use calculation matrix and get exactly the type of software you want.


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The features at a glance

  • Customizable sales channels Decide for yourself on which platforms and at which intervals your products will be monitored
  • Automatic reports and notifications Get notified as soon as there is a change in the market and receive the current data regularly by email.
  • Configurable exports Put together your own exports and extract just the information you need. As .xlsx file or graphically prepared as .png
  • Direct web search Discover unknown sellers through an explorative search function
  • Seller Whitelist Define authorized sellers and be informed when non-authorized webshops are discovered
  • Extensive analysis functions View detailed cross-platform analyses per seller or product
  • Competent service Each of our clients is accompanied by a project manager from our pricing team. So before, during and after the installation of ORAYA insights, you always have a contact person you can turn to

Product monitoring in 3 simple steps

  1. 1. Decide which platforms and shops you would like to be monitored. Amazon, eBay, Google Shopping, idealo and explorative search are included in our standard package and ready to use within 24 hours. Additional shops can be added individually at any time.
  2. 2. Quickly configure the automatic search frequency of your products and carry out any adjustments independently at any time. Switching from a daily to an hourly search, for example, can be done in minutes.
  3. 3. Get updates about the current status through complete reports or individual notifications, e.g. for products that are not intended for e-commerce. Directly by e-mail!

Your benefits with ORAYA insights

You decide on which platforms and in which cycles your products are monitored. Whether hourly, daily or weekly, you can independently determine the frequency based on your actual requirements.

Our notifications keep you up to date. No matter if it is a weekly export of all found results or a direct notification of certain events. With ORAYA insights, you decide for yourself which information you receive, when and how.

You know your official sales partners, but are unsure whether your products are also offered by unauthorized vendors? Our explorative search will find the websites that sell your products.

Keep your costs under control with our easy-to-use calculation matrix. Our prices are based on your requirements with regard to articles to be monitored, channels and the desired intervals. Talk to us!

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We will be happy to show you all the functionalities in more detail! For an initial presentation of the software, we will monitor 5-10 of your products with ORAYA insights so you can take a look at the actual results. Feel free to contact us to discuss further requirements and possibilities.

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