Competitor Analysis

Competitor Analysis

Increase your sales and profit with competitor analysis

Use your knowledge of your competitors‘ prices and products for your portfolio and price management. Our copio software provides you with all the relevant information, you will improve your position in the marketplace and increase your profits.

Increase your sales and profit with copio

Do you know your competitors‘ prices? Do you know which products the competition is currently offering? Which products they have recently added to their portfolios?

As a vendor, you should know your competitors‘ current prices and product information and incorporate this information in your price management!

Are you wondering why certain products sell very well and others badly? There are various reasons for this but two key ones must be highlighted: your prices and informed customers who always know which provider is offering the product and at what price.

What does this mean for you: Structure your prices in such a way that what you are offering convinces customers more than what the competition is offering. You do not always have to be the cheapest provider but your prices must suit the requirements of your customers.

Putting you one step ahead of the competition

Our copio – competitor analysis software provides you as a vendor with software which automatically analyses the relevant data of your competitors – both online and in stationary trade.

Thanks to the integrated matching algorithm which assigns all the collected information to your product range, you are provided with a clear overview of all information and KPIs.

How you benefit as a vendor

  • You define individually which competitor is to be analysed
  • You will regularly receive an overview of all the relevant data pertaining to these competitors.
  • You will save a lot of time and money.
  • You will avoid discrepancies and errors.
  • You can tailor your prices optimally to the current market price.
  • You will increase your sales and profit.

copio is the optimum tool for analysing competitors and monitoring prices and provides you as a company with substantial support when it comes to optimising your prices.

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