Dynamic Pricing


Nowadays prices that change every day determine sales and profit – online and in stationary trade. Benefit from dynamic price optimisation and respond in real time to your competitors‘ prices and availabilities. All of this is possible with our software solution rupio.

Optimise your price management with rupio

Today you are finally buying your couch or booking your holiday! Yesterday the price of the online provider was unbeatable. But what is that? Today the trip is 20% more expensive than it was yesterday. But how can this be?

Every customer knows this situation and the consequence is that he chooses to buy elsewhere!

Nowadays prices increase and fall on a daily or even hourly basis. Amazon is an excellent example of this: up to 3 million price changes every day!

Price dynamics in the world of trade: the secret is to remain competitive

For vendors this means: responding quickly to price changes in the market is increasingly becoming a must – not only online but also in stationary trade.

You can only do this with efficient software which we offer you in the form of rupio.

It is not just the competition that is putting the pressure on

Warehouse stocks, sales figures, customer information but also the time of the day, the weather, temperature and events: all these things are factors which can control the buying behaviour of customers. In online trade, parameters such as conversion rates and impressions also apply.

The right software makes it all possibe

Dynamic price optimisation requires software which will enable you to automatically calculate more than just prices. Based on an efficient rule engine, the software must also be sufficiently flexible to present different and changing price strategies in mathematical formulas and algorithms. This is the only way to connect your ERP system, your shop system and your price management solution to each other.

The Carrefour success story: this is how rupio works

Carrefour has been using the software successfully for many years in Romania. rupio can use all price-relevant information such as sales quantities, competitors‘ prices or price elasticities, for example. The data is imported from the customer‘s existing infrastructure to rupio’s own data warehouse where it is linked as attributes to the respective articles.

Save time and costs and increase your sales: how you benefit

rupio provides you with software which allows you as a vendor to carry out your price calculations quickly and easily and optimise your price management.

  • Respond in real time to warehouse stocks and buyer behaviour.
  • Take into account your competitors‘ prices and availabilities.
  • Tailor your situation optimally to conditions such as the time of the day and the weather.
  • Convert your price strategies systematically for your entire product range.
  • Improve the way your prices are perceived by your customers.


Test out rupio, the professional software solution for managing your prices dynamically.

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