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Product monitoring with ORAYA insights

Who is selling your product, and at what price? Channel Monitoring with ORAYA insights allows manufacturers a full overview of the life cycles and distribution of their products on the online market.

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Keeping an overview

You as a manufacturer do not always have the ability to see the exact life cycle of your products. It’s generally no longer possible to gain a direct insight into the distribution channels. You sell your goods to wholesalers, who in turn sell them to a variety of retailers. Due to this lack of transparency, questions arise such as “What online marketplaces are selling my product, and at what price?”, “Does a lack of availability lead to end customers selecting other brands?” or even “Is my product being sold for less than its value?”.

Using data sources individually

ORAYA insights allows you, the manufacturer, an easy and efficient overview of the life cycles and distribution channels of your products on the online market. You can therefore react quickly and precisely to changes.

The software’s actions are similar to those of the end customer: Using an exploratory search, crawlers can find the products via their European Article Number (EAN) or via your designation on the Internet.

Likewise, data sources such as web shops and marketplaces can be defined individually, and extracted by the crawler at specified intervals.

This also allows you, the manufacturer, to adapt the extracted data and parameters to your needs. Prices, availability and colour variations: all data accessible on a webpage in text form, can be extracted.

Results in the form you need them

Via the notification system, you can specify the conditions under which you would like to be notified. The evaluation of the data found can be done in a variety of ways. The application’s user-friendly interface allows for a detailed insight into the observations, which can be exported in standard formats.

In addition, the software has interfaces that make it easy to connect to existing applications, in order to extract or input data.

Helping to identify plagiarism more easily

Do you as a manufacturer know whether your product has been plagiarised, thus affecting your competitiveness? Are you sure that your brand or the name of your product, when entered as a keyword or search term on the Internet, gives your product as a correct result? ORAYA insights also supplies modules for this purpose.

Plagiarism is detected using textual and image analysis; keywords and search terms and their results in online searches are analysed.

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