Prioritization and focus for a stronger competitive position

In order to assist SIBU DESIGN in tackling current challenges and opportunities, we undertook a rapid analysis in the form of a questionnaire followed by a workshop as part of a Digital Kickstart offered in conjunction with our partner BÖCKER ZIEMEN.

“Thanks to the cooperative development process, we also have a clear digital strategy.”
Patricia Weberschläger, Marketing and Management, SIBU Design

Challenges facing SIBU DESIGN

Four main challenges were identified:


  1. The multilevel distribution channels in use make it harder to directly direct contact and communicate with the end customer.
  2. Innovation is enormously important, especially because of the risk of imitation and the high level of competition in the areas of fabrics, wallpapers, and paints.
  3. Perception of SIBU DESIGN in the individual target markets varies greatly.
  4. SIBU DESIGN’s target markets are developing in very diverse ways.


SIBU DESIGN is a leading manufacturer of high-quality design panels for indoor use. These are specially developed for interior design, furniture-making, store design, fashion, architecture, and display purposes. The products are appealing thanks to their design and usability. SIBU design panels are easy to work with and can be deployed in an almost unlimited variety of ways.

BÖCKER ZIEMEN and tarent’s solution-focused approach

The following interim results flowed from the workshop:


  1. Analysis of the “general outlook” in SIBU DESIGN’s various target markets revealed a growing market for DIY products and a motor home market that has seen an additional boost as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. On the other hand, the shop-fitting market is in decline internationally.
  2. Identification of twelve concrete themes around which the client’s competitive position could be strengthened.
  3. Prioritization and focusing of the most relevant themes including planning of the implementation schedule.
  4. Development of a wide range of relevant opportunities and digital tools for dealing with the themes identified and meeting the specified challenges.
  5. Selection of suitable technical solutions by the “Digital Kickstart” team.

About the project

Patricia Weberschläger
Marketing and Management


By firstly considering the right questions, we gained valuable insights about the market and the challenges facing us. The joint workshop we participated in with BÖCKER ZIEMEN and tarent gave us a good overview of how we could strengthen our competitive position with the help of digital tools and meet our customers’ needs more closely. Thanks to the collaborative development process, we also defined a clear digital strategy and now know what challenges we need to tackle next. The whole team adapted to our situation and set of challenges in the shortest possible time frame and was able to provide very valuable input thanks to their broad range of competencies.

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