The agile Mindset: from an employee to a leader

“tarent won us over both professionally – thanks to its team members’ high-level skills and long-term support – and on a human level, in terms of their great empathy and personality. For many of our employees, the workshops, conducted in a great atmosphere, were a highlight of the past year.”
Tim Mettbach, Head of Purchasing & Facility Management, I.T.E.N.O.S. International Telecom Network Operation Services GmbH


I.T.E.N.O.S. had decided to reorganize its ways of working for a variety of reasons. The most important factor motivating the company’s decision to go agile was its realization that its previous traditional way of working no longer suited the organization. In the same vein, one of the firm’s employees – Patrick Glawe – had completed a master’s thesis dealing intensively with the topic of “Agile Working.” The modernization of its ways of organizing its work was also influenced by its parent company, Deutsche Telekom AG, which had increasingly been shifting its corporate structures to those of an agile organization.

About I.T.E.N.O.S.

I.T.E.N.O.S. International Telecom Network Operation Services GmbH is an IT service provider and telecommunications specialist with a workforce of over 220 employees based in Bonn. As a subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom AG, I.T.E.N.O.S. offers its clients customized solutions in the areas of connectivity, infrastructure for IT and data centers, as well as access control and managed services.

Our solution

We held a series of workshops involving more than half of the I.T.E.N.O.S.’s entire workforce, including its management team. The focus was on the themes of “Agile Management” and “Agile Working with Scrum and Kanban.” To familiarize the participants with the agile approach and the associated mindset, we utilized a variety of innovative techniques such as LegoScrum, the Kanban Pizza Game, Moving Motivators, Delegation Poker, and more besides. We immersed ourselves in the world of Scrum and Kanban in a relaxed atmosphere characterized by enthusiasm and fun. The feedback from I.T.E.N.O.S. is striking: “We are intensively involved in the use of agile methods across all areas. The leadership-focused and hands-on workshop delivered by tarent gave us a good grounding in how and where agile working methods can be implemented.” (Patrick Glawe, Product Manager Data LogistIX & PSPO). In addition, an “Agile Working” focus group was set up. Its members regularly exchange views on progress within the company and support individual teams and groups in their roles as Professional Scrum Masters (PSMs) and Professional Product Owners (PSPOs).

tarent’s services

  • 14 workshops carried out
  • 96 employees and 25 managers trained
  • Introduction to the agile mindset
  • Presentation of theoretical methods
  • Approaches to cultural change
  • Approaches to the introduction of agile methods within an existing organization
  • Agility @ tarent – How does tarent deal with change?

Methodologies used

  • Fundamentals of agile thinking
  • Scrum and Kanban

  • Moving Motivators
  • Delegation Poker

About the project

Tim Mettbach
Head of Purchasing & Facility Management
I.T.E.N.O.S. International Telecom Network Operation Services GmbH

Around 130 of our managers and employees took part in the “Agile Management” and “Agile Working with Scrum and Kanban” workshops delivered by tarent. As a result, we have not only significantly improved the way we communicate with and view one another but also enhanced the quality of our results. tarent won us over both professionally – thanks to its team members’ high-level skills and long-term support – and on a human level, in terms of their great empathy and personality. For some people, the workshop, conducted in a great atmosphere, was one of the best they had ever attended.

Maria Stohn
Agile Coach & Scrum Master
tarent solutions GmbH

Thanks to the participation of employees and managers from a variety of departments in the workshop, a shared picture was developed of the feasibility of agile working. This resulted, in my view, in a situation in which there is neither a bottom-up nor a top-down way of working at I.T.E.N.O.S. Instead, there is a “cooperation-based” approach. In meeting the challenge of communicating the ideas underlying the agile approach and agile working, we were buoyed up by the pleasure we take in our work, the use of playful elements, plenty of discussion, and the sharing of personal experiences as well as mistakes and
problems. This showed that while change takes time, it is feasible. I’m pleased that we were able to use our workshops to assist I.T.E.N.O.S. on the start of its transformation journey. We also learned a lot from the experience and the participants’ feedback has helped us to improve.

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