smive – flexible car subscription service

From a rapid MVP to joint development of a business model

“The colleagues at tarent displayed real commitment to the project and identified with our product as if it were their own.”
Alexander Bühler, Head of smive – the car subscription service


The aim of the project was to create an online platform for the rental of vehicles. In particular, smive wanted to work with tarent to create a minimum viable product (MVP) in the shortest possible time for the purpose of validating its product idea on the market.


With smive, Bank11 aimed to provide automobile dealerships with an offering they could use to expand their business model and win new customers. The plan was to involve the participating dealerships in such a way that they themselves would become subscription providers without incurring any programming or set-up costs.

About smive and BANK11

smive is the state-of-the-art car subscription service offered by Bank11 für Privatkunden und Handel GmbH. Bank11 is a credit institution that specializes in sales financing. It focuses on assisting smaller and medium-sized vehicle dealerships with competitive mobility services and insurance products. Bank11 provides straightforward and cost-effective finance products for end customers and robust liquidity solutions for automobile dealerships. The range of services offered by Bank11 includes a number of other offerings. These include significant efficiency improvements in the field of purchase financing as well as skilled personal support from a specially trained field and office-based team.

Our solution

Together with Bank11, we developed the online platform and supported it until it was launched. The smive core team had already carried out a thorough market validation in the run-up to the collaboration and developed the vision and concept. Based on that, we were able to successfully assimilate the issues involved with the aid of a prototype within the first week. This allowed us to establish a very strong foundation early on so as to achieve visible results quickly, in terms of the go-live of the website and the involvement of numerous car dealerships in the process.


We thereby programmed and designed both the website and the entire dealership portal including the checkout path and took charge of connecting all necessary systems. We also designed the subscription calculator, which includes all of the key parameters that feed into the complex formula used for calculating the subscription price.


Last but not least, we optimized the user interface and the user experience (UI/UX) and embedded these into Bank11’s existing infrastructure. In doing this, we created wireframes and click dummies, developed icons, visual symbols, and user flows, and also optimized the web design for desktop and mobile use. Thanks to our UI and UX expertise, we can provide enhanced functionalities and designs, while delivering a very user-friendly, clear, and attractive user experience for both dealerships and their customers.

Key facts

  • Proactive advice on and implementation of the business model
  • Development and launch of the online platform and the connected dealership portal
  • Programming and integration of the subscription calculator for automated formulation of
    subscription pricing
  • UI/UX optimization
  • Hosting in the AWS cloud to achieve a rapid time-to-market
  • Connection of all relevant processes and systems
  • Enabling vehicle dealerships to determine and present car subscription options


  • AWS Cloud
  • Kubernetes
  • Docker
  • Kafka
  • Golang
  • Angular
  • Continuous integration with GitLab
  • Balsamiq Wireframes
  • Adobe: XD, Cloud, Illustrator


  • Agile project management
  • Scrum-based development
  • Consulting support in advance for development of the vision and planning of the concept as an MVP
  • Validation of the MVP using lean innovation techniques

About the project

Frederik Vosberg
Software Developer and Head of Innovation Consulting
tarent solutions GmbH

smive has been an amazing project from the very beginning. By developing an on-site prototype that supports the complex calculation of subscription prices, we were able to keep the ramp-up phase short for the other software developers at tarent and deliver visible results quickly. In this way, we laid the foundations for our collaboration, which remains very close, cooperative, and agile. We have a mutually trusting relationship and have a lot of fun in our work – a good basis for rapidly addressing even difficult decisions and for working together to quickly resolve any issues. Our cooperation even extends to sharing responsibility for the profitability of the business model. As a result, tarent is able to act not only as a software implementer but also as a partner.

Technology and experience

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