Overcome the challenges associated with narrow band internet with stable software. We transmit your data via NB-IoT and optimise your internal processes using high-tech automation processes. Benefit from our experience with Deutsche Telekom for whom we connected the entire Cloud of Things.

Narrow band internet: benefit with the right NB-IoT software

The garage detects the car, the coffee machine starts up in the morning as soon as the alarm clock rings. The smart home makes life modern. And thanks to fully developed IoT technology, this is no longer a challenge. Everything runs smoothly because we are living in the age of broadband internet. Electricity, data volumes, Internet speed: everything is available in sufficient supply.

No electricity, no Internet. Now what do you do?

What happens if the Internet connection is bad? If electricity is not immediately available? If no one can charge the battery? If concrete, water or other obstacles are disrupting the transmission of the data? Then we are in the domain of Narrowband IoT. Here alternative wireless standards are necessary.

This is why we need NB-IoT

In contrast to UMTS, GSM or LTE, NB-IoT is low-frequency, saves data and energy, is cheap and not often prone to failure. This means wide fields or ground floors where there are no conventional mobile networks available can be reached. Thanks to its low consumption of energy, a long-term battery-based supply of energy can be provided.

Telekom’s Cloud of Things with the tarent connector

With its Cloud of Things, Deutsche Telekom is demonstrating what can be done with NB-IoT. Data can be transferred irrespective of how difficult it is to access. Using a connector developed by tarent, microcontrollers can be integrated very easily into the cloud service and displayed in the frontend. Sensor data can be evaluated and filtered.

By implementing the entire scalable communication route right through to Deutsche Telekom’s Cloud of Things, tarent is providing stable software between the communication device and the I nternet thereby ensuring smooth data transfer via NB-IoT.

The economic benefits: examples from real life

Irrespective of industry sector, companies can optimise their internal processes and save time and money thanks to high-tech automation processes. Using NB-IoT technology, they can monitor the utilisation of product shelves, track stock pallets and product range stocks or control the temperature in computer centres, for example. Connected ERP systems can be activated and new orders triggered. The whole process runs completely automatically and human intervention is no longer necessary.

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