Software technology

Whether the new development, further development, or integration of new components into existing systems is involved, we cover all areas of software development. We work transparently and provide all stakeholders with detailed information on the development process during implementation. The goal is a collaborative partnership, rather than merely a service provider-client relationship.


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Project support

Benefit from the strength of our team. We can provide anything from individual experts to complete, well-established teams in the shortest possible timescales. You can decide on the skill set you need. Whether developers, Scrum Masters, or agile coaches, we have a wide range of specialists available. Maybe you need support and a maintenance model for your software infrastructure? We can also provide this either on a 24/7 basis or for specific periods.


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Service and maintenance






As a full-stack IoT integrator, we integrate a wide range of IoT devices in a seamless and vendor-neutral way, ensure lossless data transmission from sensors, and offer customized analysis services within IoT platforms. AI-supported data analysis is the final element feeding into your IoT use case. However, we are also happy to support you with our data science expertise, irrespective of whether IoT applications are involved. Text, image, or voice recognition and analysis are just some of the tools we can use to support you.





E-commerce and products

Our years of experience in the retail and e-commerce fields have shown us that many businesses in these sectors face very similar challenges. Our products address these challenges and provide our clients with a new opportunity to offer their end customers the best possible shopping experience – whether through more attractive prices or a complete rethinking of the purchasing process.


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