Experts and teams

Experts and teams

Based on our specialist services, we put our expertise and our team’s strengths to work for you and your projects.

We’ll support you from the preparation of your project to its implementation and completion while providing you with the wide range of competencies needed to make a development project successful. The specialists involved range from software developers, architects, DevOps experts, and testers to project managers, Scrum Masters, and product owners.


Fast, reliable, and agile

We aim to successfully support your projects with our expertise and knowledge. This doesn’t only include the provision of quality services via our individual experts and teams – it also encompasses the speed and reliability with which we respond to your requests. Within just a few days of your initial inquiry, we’ll present you with the options best suited to unblocking your development bottlenecks and closing your knowledge gaps. Needless to say, we’ll start your projects within the planned time frame – while thinking and working in an agile way. From the methodology and technology deployed to the communication practices involved, we also ensure that a holistic, state-of-the-art agile approach is adopted within your organization.


Security, predictability, and independence

The support you’ll receive is on a time-limited basis with a clearly described scope of activity. The projects we oversee generally have a duration of anything between a few months and several years. Of course, you can also utilize our network on a day-by-day basis. And you can decide how and where to use our expertise. Our support can be provided either on a self-contained basis or within your existing project structures. Services can also be provided on your premises. Alternatively, as we’re very familiar with cooperating across multiple locations, we can use our know-how and teamwork to advance your project while working from our offices in Bonn, Cologne, or Berlin. We keep any contractual arrangements covering our cooperation simple and ensure that the associated costs are easy to calculate. What’s more, we can work with you to agree a contractual model that fits the planned mode of cooperation. Any services actually provided are always invoiced. Contractual terms involving extension and termination periods will also be drawn up in accordance with your project requirements.


Assured quality based on a trusting relationship

We are proud of the close ties and long-standing relationships we have developed not only with our clients but also with our partners. We can therefore draw on a broad spectrum of outstanding expertise and access this whenever necessary within different projects.



1. How does tarent put together the right team for its clients?

Inquiry, specification, delivery, project startup

As soon as you’ve told us about your requirements, we’ll work with you on refining the project specifications. Following an initial, internal shortlisting process, you will receive our proposal for a team that offers the right combination of expertise and skills.

What we propose at this point, however, is by no means a fait accompli. In a face-to-face meeting, you’ll get to see for yourself whether our proposed team has the necessary skills to tackle the challenges you face.

By using this process, we can create a team capable of mapping out an extensive range of requirements within a short time. In addition to the primary business-related factors involved, we ensure that the team is designed to work in a harmonious and trust-based way. This ensures you have a secure foundation for the successful development of your project.


2. What technologies do tarent’s experts and teams work with?

For us, the very best technologies are vital

We cover the entire spectrum of modern technologies for both back-end and front-end development. As well as focusing on Java-based technologies (Spring, Spring-Boot, and Dropwizard) and JavaScript frameworks (AngularJS and ReactJS), our developers and architects also have extensive knowledge of GO, ObjectiveC, Swift, test-driven development, microservices, REST, Stateless Architecture, and SQL/NoSQL.

Our DevOps experts are experts in continuous integration and delivery, contributing their experience in Docker, Clouds, Ansible, Jenkins, Atlassian Stack, Teamcity, Travis, Git/SVN, GitLab, and Sonar.

Through our testers and test managers, we provide you with expert support in the areas of Cucumber, Selenium, JMeter, Testlinl, and HP Quality Center.


3. How does tarent deal with temporary employment matters?

Navigating the minefield of temporary employment legislation with tarent

The amendment to the German Temporary Employment Act (AÜG) that came into force in 2017 is neither an obstacle or nor a risk for us. In our contracts and our mode of collaboration with our clients, we ensure that all of the parties involved enjoy the security required. To achieve this, we agree with you, as our client, to apply what is termed the “River Bridge Model.” With this, we at tarent designate a selected team member to act as the bridgehead for the project, managing and implementing project-related communications between the client and the expert team. If you wish, we are also able to conclude agreements on contract staffing. Such arrangements, however, are not really in accord with our corporate ethos or that of our employees.

Technology and experience

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