Experts and Teams

Experts and Teams

Whether software developers, scrum masters or product owners, whether an individual expert or a development team: we support you and your projects with our expert service.

With our expert service, we assist you and your projects in a targeted way with specialised personnel, ranging from a single individual expert to powerful development teams ready to start working on your requirements. Our wide range of expertises supports your whole project lifecycle: Starting with the project preparation phase and continuing throughout the implementation and deployment phases, we offer everything needed for the successful completion of your project. Qualified software developers, architects, DevOps experts and testers, as well as experienced scrum masters and product owners are available to empower your teams.


Fast, reliable and agile

We aspire to support your projects successfully with our know-how. In addition to the quality of our teams and tailor-made experts, you benefit above all from the speed and reliability with which we address your enquiries. Just a few days after your first request, we will present adequate solutions to close your subject-related gaps. We start the projects in the planned timeframe. When it comes to our working methods and strategies, agility is the name of the game. From the method deployed to technology to communication, we will create a holistic model of cutting-edge agility in your company too.


Reliability, predictability, autonomy

The support you receive is temporary and clearly defined. The projects we supervise usually last from a few months to several years. Of course you can also use our network on a daily basis. You decide how and where our specialists work. Experts and teams can be used autonomously or in existing project and specification structures. They are flexible in that they can either be deployed on site at your premises or carry out their work from one of our sites in Bonn, Cologne, Berlin or Bucharest. You can also use our premises at any time as a remote location. From a contractual point of view, the cooperation is light-weight and easy to calculate. Together with you, we will work out a contract constellation that fits with the modus of the cooperation. Only the actually provided performance will be accounted. Contract periods with extension and notice periods are designed according to your project requirements.

Quality assurance through trust and a good relationship

We are proud of being able to build up close connections and long-term relationships not only with our customers but also with our partners. We have a wide range of excellent expertise that we can access again and again in a wide variety of projects.



1. How does tarent assemble a good team for its customers?

Enquiry, requirement, delivery, project start

As soon as you have informed us of your needs, we define the requirements in greater detail together with you. After an initial, internal qualification you will receive our proposal for a suitable combination of expertise and competences.

You make the decision. In a personal conversation you can get an idea, if the team has the required skills to cope with your challenges.

This allows us to assemble a team for you which is capable of mapping extensive requirements in a short period of time. In addition to the primary business factors, we take care to ensure that the employees in the team are a good match and trust each other, allowing us to guarantee you a reliable basis from which to develop a successful project.


2. Which technologies do tarent’s experts and teams use?

The best technologies are important to us

We cover the entire spectrum of modern technologies pertaining to backend and frontend development. In addition to focusing on Java technologies and JavaScript, our developers and architects also have in-depth knowledge of GO, ObjectiveC, Swift, test-driven development, microservices, REST, stateless architecture as well as SQL/NoSQL.

Our DevOps experts are continuous integration and continuous delivery experts and bring their experience to bear in Docker, Clouds, Ansible, Jenkins, Atlassian Stack, Teamcity, Travis, Git/SVN, GitLab and Sonar.

Our testers and test managers provide you with expertise in the areas of Cucumber, Selenium, JMeter as well as Testlink.


3. How does tarent deal with issues relating to employee lending (ANÜ)?

Hiring out staff on a temporary basis? You are on the safe side with us

The amendment of the Employee Lending Law (AÜG), which came into force in 2017, neither represents a hurdle or a risk for us. In our contracts and by way of cooperation, we create the necessary security for all parties involved. To this end, we agree together with you to apply what is known as the “river bridge model”: here we deploy one employee as the bridgehead for the project who directs the project communication from the customer to the team of experts and implements it. If you would like to, we are able to conclude an agreement to employee lendings. This corresponds, however, neither our self-image or of our employees.

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