Are you looking to connect two technologically independent platforms? Or are you planning to purchase a system and need help integrating it into your existing system environment? We have tackled a large number of such challenges and are happy to put our experience at your service.

Make or buy?

As software developers, we enjoy developing new applications. This is not always the best approach, however. For example, if there are already solutions on the market that can help you achieve your technical goal of developing your own platform more quickly, then these should also be taken into account. In this context, it’s always important to keep in mind your long-term vision for the development of the platform so as not to exclude any approaches that might need to be taken later. We can assist you – on a vendor-neutral basis – in this decision-making process.


The “glue” between the components

Once the software has been purchased, your existing systems will need to be connected to the new components and, in many cases, data will also need to be migrated. Depending on the requirements involved, the integration layer to be developed for this purpose can be either simple and static or flexible, modular, and equipped with its own intelligence. If you take the second option, you are laying the foundation for the rapid integration of other components and reducing the risk of vendor lock-in. We develop this “glue” between the components for you, using the experience we have gained in the course of dozens of integration projects.


Off the shelf yet still customized

Even if you’ve decided to expand your own platform with a new, finished off-the-shelf component, you may well still wish to maintain an individual, external appearance and retain as much flexibility as possible in terms of the technical features involved. If so, we can focus our full attention on the capabilities of the new product for you and, as far as is possible in the circumstances, implement exactly the level of customization needed to positively differentiate you from your competitors.


Strong partners

We are not afraid of new challenges. Because of this, we’ve been involved in many more projects than the number of our official partners might indicate. Even so, it is of course helpful to have a detailed knowledge of the software components to be integrated. This is why we have developed our own ecosystem of partners with some companies we know well. We are therefore familiar with the strengths and weaknesses of the products involved and are happy to share our knowledge with you.

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