As an independent IT service provider, we audit your projects, your products, your entire system landscape or even selected parts of it in a professional and cooperative manner. As a result of our analysis, you will receive well-founded statements on the up-to-dateness, efficiency and profitability of your systems.

That’s why an IT audit makes sense

The motivation for commissioning an audit is very varied and different. Most customers rely on our support for the following reasons:

● you feel that you are not making good progress with an important project,
● due to personnel changes, know-how has been lost, so that an independent evaluation of the system landscape is required,
● you are facing major investments and are looking for an independent assessment.

An audit also always provides an opportunity for all stakeholders to focus on a common assessment and leave their daily tasks for a short time. This contributes to the focus and quality of the results.


The expertise of tarent

With our employees we collect a lot of different project experiences. In doing so, we gain versatile insights into companies and structures, get to know numerous technologies and system landscapes and meet people from a wide variety of professions. The result is an enormous wealth of experience that enables us to view each situation as qualified and with the necessary respect. This enables us to carry out our audits professionally and effectively for you as a client.


How long does an audit take?

Depending on the system size, an audit takes between 5 and 30 days. The implementation is usually in interview form, d. H. We interview one to two of your employees with two colleagues. The exact interview planning we determine together in a kickoff. Of course, if necessary, we will adapt them during the course of the audit. Finally, each audit ends with a presentation of the results, which is made available to all participants in advance.


Your added value: the goal of an audit

Overall, an audit serves to evaluate a situation. For each Finding – so one of many audit results – there are action proposals, which we present to you and explain. If you are interested, we will also take over the planning and prioritization of the proposed measures for you separately. One thing we do not want to conceal: audits are exciting and interesting projects for us. In a short time we get to know many people in different situations. After a brief period of uncertainty, we dive into a very constructive and intensive discussion of the respective task together with you as a customer and finally arrive at concrete results. This joint development gives us so much pleasure that we can hardly imagine any better projects.

Expertise and experience

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