Machine Learning / AI

Machine Learning and AI

Make your data profitable. We help you to identify your data’s potential and support you in applying the latest analysis techniques.

Developing a data and analysis strategy

We have all of this data – surely someone can do something with it? We want to get to know our customers better, but we don’t have any data. How can we benefit from AI? What do we actually need to do? If you have found yourself asking these and similar questions then you have come to the right place. Our experts work together with you to draw up a data strategy. This strategy will help you to utilise your existing data effectively and to accumulate other data in an economical way. We can then develop an analysis strategy to really move your business forward.

Make your data profitable

Not all questions can be effectively addressed through data science solutions. We help you to develop and prioritise realistic targets, expectations and implementation strategies.

We support you

Whether you are carrying out your first analysis projects or haven’t yet got any experience in this field – we will be by your side to provide the service you need. Tailored solutions from the tarent academy span from induction seminars to hands-on workshops specific to your programming language. Our experts are happy to support you and to complement your existing development team with data science and AI experts. Alternatively, we can provide cloud services for you or can develop productive solutions with our agile software development team.

Your benefits

● A data strategy to suit your company objectives
● Which analysis approaches are sensible and feasible for your company?
● Continuous support as you build upon your expertise
● Total flexibility: carry out your data science projects in-house, use our cloud or opt for our full-service package and let us take care of everything

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