Microservice Platforms

Microservice Platforms

We set high store by future-oriented technologies, so that both we and our customers benefit from them. That is why we rely on microservices. We develop and integrate highly scalable, large platforms for our customers, for which we also offer support and take responsibility, via our numerous teams.

Benefit from flexibility and independence

Thanks to the use of micro-services in a majority of our platforms, there are many advantages to our flexible software projects. Thanks to the scalability, flexibility in programming languages, maintainability and development in service-specific teams, it is not only our customers who experience enormous benefits, but also us as the software service provider. “Microservices” are an architecture in which the various features of a software package can be divided into individual modules. Through the use of micro-services therefore, all the components of a platform are divided into individual, independent services. Data is exchanged between the services via a single interface.


Test new technologies risk-free

As a rule, a single development team is responsible for one service – no more, no less. Since the services are independent and isolated from other processes, they can also be developed at different speeds and even using different programming languages. This allows developers to evaluate new technologies and languages and deploy them in a completely customised and targeted manner.


“Do one thing and do it well”

Micro-services work in accordance with this principle of the Unix philosophy. They reduce complexity and at the same time simplify maintainability. Each module can be replaced at any time or developed anew. Thanks to the modular structure, it is possible to scale the various services differently, or even to exchange them for others. This presents no risk for the software environment as a whole. On the contrary: it is more sensible, as it ensures that not every service is strained.

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