We attach great importance to future-proof technologies for both our sake and that of our clients. This is why we use microservice-based architectures. For you as our client, we develop highly scalable, reliable platforms, which we build and for which we also remain responsible. In doing so, we can deploy either complete teams or individual experts who complement your own team.

Software that lasts

Based on the very latest technologies, we develop universal microservice platforms for and with our clients. This architecture allows us to develop the various components of a platform with particular efficiency.


Here are the reasons why we build our solutions around microservice platforms:

● Microservice architectures reduce the complexity of a platform. Individual components are decoupled, making the system safer and easier to maintain.
● Microservice architectures allow for small and high-frequency releases. Changes are updated in a timely manner.
● They can increase economic success
● Risks are minimized thanks to a high degree of automation (testing, deployment).
● The flexibility of the application structure allows the right technology to be selected for each individual service.
● Decoupled services are very suitable for container-based deployment and for cloud infrastructures.
● Service-based development can be integrated very well into agile day-to-day practices.


tarent: the right partner for you

With a microservice architecture as the foundation, we have been able to complete a number of projects with great success. Together with toom Baumarkt GmbH, we were able to create a platform that brought the traditional DIY store into the world of online shopping. For years, we’ve been assisting the REWE supermarket group with the creation of its delivery service platform, thereby ushering in a new era of grocery shopping. We look forward to opening up new avenues with you and creating something new together.

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