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In today’s world, retailers face a number of profound challenges. Markets are changing faster than ever, competition increases, sales channels are shifting, and consumer’s consistently expect better service and quality. Consequently, pricing has become highly complex.

What retailers need is a sophisticated consumer price optimization (CPO) strategy. The introduction of a wellsuited CPO-tool allows for a higher degree of automation, more flexibility and increased transparency. Hence, a welldefined CPO leads to more customer satisfaction, higher revenue and lower costs. tarent has developed a pricing tool called rupio which supports your CPO-process in an optimal way.

Key features & benefits of rupio:

  • Free configurable rules-engine
  • Free definition of pricing-rules
  • Administration of pricing rules
  • Simulation of rule changes
  • User-specific dashboard
  • Supervisor function
  • Deputy Regulation client capability
  • Log function
  • History Management of data
  • Multilingualism
  • Interface to copio

The core component of rupio is a powerful, user-configurable rule engine. Personalized for every product rupio enables you to define rules to calculate the price for each product. You determine the rules by which the pricing is done and rupio automatically calculates the prices. The rules engine can analyze and process large volumes of products and price changes in a very short time. In a simulation mode, you can compare different pricing strategies. The administration of the price rules is easy to understand and requires only a short familiarization period. As a result automation and flexibility in your price discovery will increase.

Another important part of rupio is the role and rights management. Each user can - according to his responsibility - be assigned to a role with appropriate privileges. rupio is client-capable and has a log function, which easily trackes every decision in the CPO process. rupio recognizes Adverse Deviations automatically and proposes them to the control or post-processing, which, for example can easily be done via an integrated supervisor function. Overall, a simple validation and monitoring of price generation is ensured over the entire pricing process. Because of its high degree of transparency and security, rupio is suitable especially for companies with multiple pricing managers.

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copio - Competitor Analysis

copio - the tool for competitive analysis and monitoring of prices. copio reads product and pricing information out of relevant data sources, arranges the information gathered its own range using a matching algorithm and provides the results and most important KPIs is clear. Thus copio is the optimal tool for competitive analysis and price monitoring and support company is mainly in their price optimization.

Key features & benefits of copio:

  • Provision of competitor prices
  • Provision of additional product information
  • High performance matching algorithm
  • Validation of matching via mouse click
  • Direct link to all competitor products
  • Easy access and collaboration via web browser
  • Intuitive and easy to use user interface
  • Rights and role management
  • Interface to our price management software rupio

How do my prices compare to those of my stiffest competition? How often and – more importantly – how do my competitor change their prices? For how many products do my competitors regularly change prices? Which products are currently sold in promotions or special offers? For most companies, these questions have a profound relevance while setting their own prices and establishing pricing strategies. The collection of competitive information is manually in most companies. This means on the one hand a high internal expense, especially in the constant search and assignment of appropriate data. On the other hand, the amount of data that can be manually recorded and checked is limited. A query and compare large amounts of data is not possible. A solution to this problem is the use of an automated competitive intelligence. The use of automated software for competitive analysis and price monitoring gives companies a number of advantages. The manual effort, the company must spend to search and classification of data is drastically reduced or eliminated. Both the frequency in which companies can read data sources, as well as the amount of data that can process them and analyze increase significantly. In addition, ask intelligent, high-performance matching algorithms a high data quality and thus allow to draw informed conclusions for their own price optimization.

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