sellfio Overview

Monitored self scanning and payment solution (sellfio) is a mobile application which simplifies the purchasing process for buyers and sellers.

No longer wasting time searching for products. No more waiting at the cash desk to pay your purchase. This is the dream of any customer. With sellfio shopping becomes as simple and fast as with the Internet while keeping all the benefits of physically shopping in stores.

Darstellung sellfio

1 Customer creates her shopping list with the shopping app.

2 App guides by indoor navigation to the products.

3 Add products by self scanning to the digital shopping basket.

4Self checkout by mobile payment.


sellfio from the perspective of retailers

The monitoring application gives the seller the opportunity to view the basket of the customer without delay and to be informed automatically about a payment. For more information about the Monitoring-App, click on "details".


Monitoring App von sellfio

  • Retailer sees position, name, number and value of products in the shopping basket of the customers with sellfio app.
  • In addition sellfio Monitoring App lists of all customers who leave the shop through selfcheckout area.
  • Colour label for payment status of all customers in the self-checkout area.


With sellfio Couponing can be lifted to a whole new level: It is understandable with what physical coupon a buyer is reached.

You also have the ability to align your couponing target groups and to bring that on the mobile phone of the customer. It is thus transparent to the seller, what action had which scope and what was the return.

Also the variant in which the customer is "rewarded" for the self-scanning in the form of discount points per scanned product is possible.

sellfio improves your security processes

This allows security personnel to use the Monitoring Application for additional video surveillance.

With the sellfio rule engine, the seller may also determine the customer to be checked after the self-checkout or for the self-checkout is not available using different algorithms automatically.

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