vidio at the point-of-sale

The tarent vidio framework provides a flexible way to use all components of modern video communications at the point of sale. This includes in particular the online video chat, the object detection by video cameras and components for professional video-supervision. In the following the two forms vidio helpdesk as a product for online chat communication between clients and consultants as well as the shopping cart control for automated checking of the contents of shopping carts are shown in detail.

vidio helpdesk

Video chat communication (vidio) creates a completely new consulting and sales channel between client and consultant at terminals and on websites. Not only to speak with a seller but also looking at him, has always been one of the advantages in retail stores. A competent and convincing manner is one of the most important factors to sustainably increase conversion rate at customers. With vidio we have developed a product that combines the advantages of online trading with those of stationary retailing. For this purpose we bring the video chat, audiovisual communication on the Internet, in retail stores.

The vidio helpdesk includes the following components:

  • vidio terminal for customers as stationary device
  • vidio server to build connections
  • vidio online portal for service staff
  • vidio Plugin for Websites

vidio helpdesk

The vidio helpdesk is attached in the form of a small terminals, not much bigger than an A4 sheet on walls or shelves. The easy-to-use user interface on a 10 'screen produces by clicking the video contact to a service representative or relationship manager.This person can sit in a central service center and need not be available locally. The communication is like in a telephone conversation with additional video transmission. In this way, all current sales calls are possible with vidio. For example, objects can also be kept simple in front of the camera so as to pose questions.

With the use of the vidio helpdesks sale specializations can be mapped inexpensive and scalable. In a service unit, it is possible to do customer service at a central location by trained personnel. Thus the vidio Terminal can also be used by the seller in store for technical discussions.

The establishment of the vidio Helpdesk is simple. vidio helpdesk is operated as a secure cloud service on the Internet and can be used without any integration effort. The terminals as stationary solutions are easy to install and connect via Wi-Fi with the cloud service. It only requires a power cable.

vidio Onepager

vidio shopping cart control

The vidio shopping cart control is used for automated checking and indication of whether a shopping cart is filled or not filled. The system thus supports an elegant way to minimize inventory losses due to non-scanned goods at the POS without requiring the attention of the cashier. As a result, the cashiers only receive an image of the shopping cart on the screen when not all of the items from the cart have been placed on the conveyor belt.. The alarm can be carried out by optical or acoustic signals as well as optionally be displayed as the photo on the POS system.

Excerpt of vidio shopping cart control's key features & benefits:

  • Automatic detection of shopping cart
  • Automatic detection of whether the shopping cart is filled or empty
  • Acoustic signaling
  • Optical signaling
  • Displays Photo of shopping cart

vidio shopping cart control

According to a recent study* by the EHI Retail Institute on the topic of inventory differences, the trade loses about 2.1 billion euros annually because of shoplifting. One reason for this is the minimal shopping cart control at the checkout. Current cart control systems demand a high level of attention and mindfulness from the cashier, which is hard to maintain at all times, especially during rush hour. The vidio shopping cart control system is no different from any other common camera surveillance system.

A Smart-Cam-System films the shopping cart from above. The still image and sound output work via customized hardware at the checkout. The automated object detection of the vidio shopping cart control takes care of the rest. The still is automatically analyzed to determine if the cart is filled. The result is output by sound or visual signals. In addition, the picture of the trolley is displayed on a screen.

As a result, only then the cashier gets a picture of the shopping cart displayed when the contents of the shopping cart has not been fully paid to the cash register tape. The checkout process can thus be performed normally without interruption, inventory losses are minimized simultaneously.

vidio shopping cart control Onepager

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