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snabble offers your customers a new shopping experience. This is possible due to smartphone technological advancements in self-scanning and mobile online payment. We integrate the software seamlessly into your market.

Flexible, stress-free, independent: Benefits for customers

With snabble, your customers can enjoy all the benefits of online shopping. Using the snabble app, they scan the products with their own mobile phone, pay at the self-checkout area by card, PayPal or cash, and leave the shop without having to wait. In this way, customers can do their shopping at their own pace, and long queues and the hassle of packing and unpacking things at the till will become a thing of the past. If interested, your customer can receive all the information on branches and product ranges via the store finder and store information sections – as well as current special offers – straight to their mobile phone. snabble also takes care of any technical concerns your customer may have. Thus there no need to change to new, external devices, because the entire purchasing process takes place on the customer’s own, familiar mobile phone. In addition, an Internet connection is required only for the payment process: the scanning of the products is completely offline. All this means checkout times are up to 24 times faster.


Time savings, security, customer loyalty: Benefits for retailers

In addition to having more satisfied customers, you as a distributor will benefit from snabble on several levels. There are advantages for you, for example, through the reduction of waiting times at the checkout, a faster backup of the shopping basket, the evaluation of all important statistics in the retailer portal, better utilisation of the shop’s footprint and optimised customer loyalty through coupons available directly in the app.


tarent as an integrator and technical partner

You operate your business; we’ll look after the rest. Having low hardware and software costs at the point of sale is important to us. We also attach value to the efficient and lightweight integration of our software solution into your IT landscape. Hosting, integration into existing systems and maintenance form part of our service for you.

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