Software development

Software Development

You have a carrying business model which you want to bring to the digital world. Or you even see your existing business model in danger and are looking for completely new, digital approaches to secure the long-term success of your company, taking your competencies into account. tarent helps you with this.

All beginnings are difficult

Are you at the beginning of your change process? Then we can support you with modern innovation methods to sharpen your ideas. If you are already more advanced in your considerations, we share your product vision and develop the concept, of how it can become reality through the use of state-of-the-art technologies. We are committed to agile methods and try to develop a first, marketable product version together with you in short iteration cycles. We do this either on our own or in close interaction with your own development teams. Depending on external conditions, we work in our subsidiaries or at your site.


Further development and scaling

As the product improves, it becomes more and more professional. Based on a continuous deployment infrastructure, we deliver quality-assured feature increments on your platform in short cycles. We scale through suitable architectural approaches and the efficient use of cloud infrastructures. An important principle here is always to map your functional domains according to type and thus maintain a maximum of modularization and flexibility. The platform is operated by you, by us or together. The basis of our cooperation is mutual trust and appreciation – we identify ourselves with the success of the product as much as you do.


Joint success

The resulting platform represents an essential basis for the future viability of your company. We are also able to operate it on the basis of infrastructures for which we are responsible or on infrastructures of your choice. We are also available to you for continuous further development with individual services or whole projects. Further development and operation generally form a unit in our agile context: The teams that are responsible for the development of certain services should also operate them. In the medium to long term, however, we pursue the clear goal of enabling you to operate and develop your new, digital offering without our support.


Cooperation is more important than contracts

Here we follow the agile manifesto: contracts are important, but not the basis of our cooperation with you. Nevertheless, we have gained a lot of experience in how to harmonize legal frameworks, purchasing regulations and efficient software development.

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