Software projects

Software projects

Perhaps you have a robust business model that you would like to see reflected in the digital world. Or you might feel that your existing business model is actually in jeopardy and be looking for a completely new, digital approach that takes account of your competencies, to ensure your business’s long-term success. tarent can help you with this.

Starting is the hardest part

Are you at the beginning of your change process? If so, we can support you with up-to-date innovation techniques that you can use to refine your ideas. If you’ve already made some progress in your considerations, we can work with you on reviewing your product vision and developing an image that can become reality using state-of-the-art technologies. We are committed to the use of agile methodologies and aim to quickly develop an initial, marketable version of the product version in collaboration with you via short iteration cycles. We can do this either on our own or in close interaction with your own development teams. Depending on the external factors involved, we can work either in our offices or on your premises.


Further development and scaling

With increasing maturity, your product may be becoming more and more professionalized. On the basis of a continuous deployment infrastructure, we deliver quality-assured feature increments on your platform in short cycles. We can help scale your product using appropriate architectural approaches and the efficient use of cloud infrastructures. An important principle here involves always mapping out your functional domains separately from one another so as to obtain the highest degree of modularization and flexibility. The platform can be operated by you, by us, or by both parties jointly. For us, such cooperation is based on mutual trust and appreciation – with us being as committed as you are to the success of the product.


Shared success

The resulting platform will constitute an essential basis for the long-term viability of your business. We are also happy to run it on infrastructure for which we are responsible or using your preferred infrastructure. Similarly, we can work with you either by offering stand-alone services or on a full-spectrum basis for the ongoing development of your platform. Further development and operations generally constitute a single unit in our agile landscape and should be managed by the teams responsible for the development of the particular services involved. In the medium to long term, however, we pursue a clear goal of enabling you to operate and develop your new digital offering without our support.


Cooperation is more important than contracts

Here we follow the agile manifesto, in that – while contracts are important – they are not the basis of our cooperation with you. Nonetheless, we have gained a great deal of experience in the harmonization of different legal frameworks, purchasing regulations, and efficient software development.

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