Software technology

Whether the new development, further development, or integration of new components into existing systems is involved, we cover all areas of software development. We work transparently and provide all stakeholders with detailed information on the development process during implementation. The goal is a collaborative partnership, rather than merely a service provider-client relationship.

Software projects

Perhaps you have a robust business model that you would like to see reflected in the digital world. Or you might feel that your existing business model is actually in jeopardy and be looking for a completely new, digital approach that takes account of your competencies, to ensure your business’s long-term success. tarent can help you with this.



Are you looking to connect two technologically independent platforms? Or are you planning to purchase a system and need help integrating it into your existing system environment? We have tackled a large number of such challenges and are happy to put our experience at your service.



We attach great importance to future-proof technologies for both our sake and that of our clients. This is why we use microservice-based architectures. For you as our client, we develop highly scalable, reliable platforms, which we build and for which we also remain responsible. In doing so, we can deploy either complete teams or individual experts who complement your own team.


Cloud Service Provisioning

Which cloud provider is right for you? Is a private or public cloud service better suited to your needs? We can answer all your questions and, as well as providing professional advice, take care of every step, from development to provision and from installation to maintenance.


Internet of Things

Both the automation of subprocesses in your organization and the networking of devices for the purposes of seamless data transfer and acquisition represent major challenges for organizations. Depending on your particular business processes, we can develop your use case collaboratively – from the optimum data infrastructure to the selection of the right IoT platform. We do this in an end-to-end way – freeing you up to concentrate on your core business.

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