Training at tarent
Developing junior staff

Training at tarent

A strong team also grows from within. Because developing junior staff is important to us and also essential, we have been training young people successfully for many years in various professions.

A strong team also grows from within. That is why developing junior staff is not only important to us, it is also essential. For many years, we have been training staff successfully in various skilled occupations. Irrespective of whether you want to be an IT specialist for application development and system integration or an IT and office management dealer: we are happy to be able to share our knowledge and experience with you!

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From trainee to expert

No one is born a professional. That is why you will get the best support from us from your very first day. Our training programme provides you with the footing and the guidance you require so you can become the experts of the future. However the most important factor in this process is you: you develop the path for yourself. We will support you all the way because promoting individal strengths is extremely important to us. During your first year of training, through regular workshops and feedback meetings, we will together lay the foundation for the path you will take, the direction of which you yourself will determine.


You are not just a trainee, you are part of the team

The start of a training period can be exciting as you probably don’t yet know what awaits you. So that you quickly feel at home, immediately after you join the company, your new colleagues will integrate you in the team in such a way that you feel you have been part of it for quite some time – whether this is in the office, in the table football break or at lunch. From a work point of view, you will be given tailor-made tasks which you can successfully handle and which will help you to continuously improve. And if you do encounter any problems, your trainers are of course on hand to help.

At tarent we give you lots of room for your own ideas – just wait and see!


Don’t be scared to make a mistake

Very obviously the aim of the training is to have you working autonomously. So that you achieve this objective, you will be given projects together with other trainees for which you will assume the responsibility. We expect you to make a few mistakes here, that is completely normal and not at all bad. Quite the reverse: we learn by our mistakes. The practical work you will do on real projects is the most valuable experience that you can garner from the training period. The feeling of success you get after you complete your own project gives you the motivation to take on new challenges and become better at your job day by day.