Expert Support

We provide you with our experts on a daily basis to assist you in implementing your development work. This type of offer is often also referred to as "body leasing".

From developer to project manager, we provide all the skillsets required for software development. We are specialized in Java-based software development, the use of continuous integration and delivery (DevOps) as well as the Scrum agile development method.

We deploy individual employees or - even more efficient - complete teams either to your premises or in tarent's own offices. The skillsets available, the possibility of team support, and the exact procedure is explained in detail below.

Skillsets and profiles

We differentiate between the following skillsets of our employees:

  • Developers
  • Testers and Test Managers
  • DevOps experts
  • Project Managers / Scrum Masters
  • Requirement Managers / Product Owners

For every skillset, we distinguish between different levels of experience from junior to senior.


icon Developers

With a focus on Java technologies (Spring, Spring Boot, Dropwizard) Java Script (AngularJS) and increasingly on Go, our developers are extremely knowledgeable about test-driven development and the use of Microservices, Containers, REST, Stateless Architecture or NoSQL.

icon Testers and Test Managers

In our understanding, Test Managers are experienced quality assurers (TestLink, HP Quality Center) and development-oriented testers (Cucumber, Selenium, JMeter).

icon DevOps experts

Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery experts (Jenkins, TeamCity, Travis, Git/SVN, GitLab, SonarQube).

icon Project Managers / Scrum Masters

Passionate employees with sound technical knowledge along with profound methodological skills and experience (Scrum, PMBOK, V-Model XT, JIRA, evolvis, MS Project).

icon Requirement Managers / Product Owners

Combine coordination skills with precise and unerring formulation - have economic parameters firmly in mind at every step.

Team support

In the course of a development project, we are in a position to provide not only individual employees, but also entire teams to support you with the implementation. They are composed of employees who know and trust each other, who can therefore get started very early and highly efficiently in the development process.

An optimum team constellation emerges as follows:

Product Owner and Scrum Master in part-time (e.g. both 50%)

2-3 Developers

1 DevOps expert with 30-50% capacity

1 Tester with 50% capacity

Established workflow processes

Many successful projects

In this way, a tremendously powerful team of 4-5 employees is available, which is capable of covering extensive requirements in a short time.


In selecting suitable candidates - just as in the project business - the precision of the requirements is paramount. Our sales representatives therefore try to formulate the profile of the required experts precisely right from the beginning of the enquiry process.

Within one week of receipt of your enquiry, we provide you on average with three profiles for each position to be filled. Every employee behind each profile has previously qualified internally. We then ask you to choose the employees from the selection of profiles - after a personal interview, if preferred - that match your requirements.

Billing for services rendered takes place monthly on the basis of performance records that are kept by every employee working for you.

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