Service offer

Our service concept is the foundation on which we build our maintenance and hosting services. In the course of adapting our service concept to meet your specific wishes and needs, we discuss with you when and for how long you would like us to work for you during the week, and in what ways you can reach us. It goes without saying that the agreed service times are not set in stone; you can extend them at short notice so you have access to your usual service on occasions that are particularly critical to your business.

In order to provide your management with an overview of the nature and extent of your service requests, we send you regular service reports containing the processed data. In addition to our standard package, we also offer a range of other products as part of our service concept. Among other things, we train both your employees and your internal help desk in operating our product solutions. Furthermore, we offer an applications consultation with the aim of optimizing your existing system landscape. Alternatively, we can advise you on the ergonomics and usability of your software solutions and make proposals on how they can be improved.


Service options




Service-Hotline  In addition to access to our ticket system, we provide you with a phone number where you can contact us. This hotline allows you to report malfunctions quickly and simply, ask questions about the status of system adjustments, get advice on using your systems etc.
Solution-Manager  You are assigned a member of staff who acts as your direct and personal contact person within the scope of the tarent complete solution. Your Solutions Manager is there to assist you with any malfunctions or necessary workarounds, and to discuss optimisation potentials of the system provided. In addition, the Solutions Manager is responsible for the project management of system adjustments.
Service-Reports  You receive regular reports on the number, nature and content of the issues you have reported. As well as response and resolution times, the reports contain summaries of the activity on your systems among other things.



In the preliminary stage, the service times you require are documented. We also determine if and to what extent you require on-call service outside of these service times. We additionally agree standard communication channels through which you can communicate requests or error messages to us. In the course of this, all other regular services are also agreed. Service provision is generally related to a specific system or application. For this reason, the points discussed are once again aligned with the requirements that arise in the course of the support of this system. Then we send you an offer for the complete service package. Additional services such as staff training etc. can be agreed at any time. You receive a concrete offer from us in each case beforehand.

Software maintenance offer

As a software company with 20 years' experience , we are also in a position to reliably support, maintain and continue to develop the software created for you after delivery. You can quickly and simply report any possible defects to us. Should you wish, we can also actively monitor your software so that any faults can be fixed without delay. Furthermore, this enables you to communicate any desired revisions to the software - so-called change requests - to us.

In order to process change requests and errors as efficiently as possible, we usually have a number of systems at our disposal.  These might include a reference system to map your infrastructure, a development system, a test system to verify the quality, and a software repository where your software code is stored in a versioned manner.

Regardless of whether we supply you with a change request, a bug fix or a new product version, we provide you with updated documentation on request.  You can download new software versions in an exclusive area or have them sent to you on a storage medium. We also offer installation support in a variety of ways, right through to remote installation, which is implemented on your systems by our infrastructure experts.

In order to ensure your software keeps pace with your organizational changes, we are happy to offer you development services on the basis of time quotas. These quotas ensure that, for the duration of the defined period, developers with the corresponding know-how are available to implement your requirements as soon as possible.

Software maintenance options




Development infrastructure  We have a number of systems available to structure the processes of software maintenance and care effectively for you. In addition to a reference system, this can be a development system, a test and build system, a repository, and test case management.
Software system maintenance This point includes all the requirements you may have relating to troubleshooting. Among other things, this covers the frequency of new software releases and the corresponding documentation we supply.
Software delivery  In this category, the procedures relating to the process of software delivery are agreed. We note down if you require a download option or prefer telephone or remote installation support. Alternatively, on-site support can also be agreed.
Software system adaption This point includes all the aspects that are required for implementing small professional and technical adjustments. In addition to the option for requirements management, it is also possible to agree a development quota and, in this context, codify your release planning and documentation obligations.



In the preliminary stage, we record your wishes and requirements regarding software maintenance. You then receive a corresponding offer for one of our service packages, which reflects all the options that are important and relevant to you. You are subsequently granted access to our ticket system and our hotline. This enables you to address any queries or report possible errors during the contracted service times. We also agree on the extent and delivery dates of possible change requests. If you wish, we are happy to support you with the requirements analysis before the implementation of these system adjustments. Furthermore, we provide you with a reliable estimate of the costs involved in advance. This is either deducted from the agreed person-days quota or invoiced separately. 

The services in the context of software maintenance are closely linked to our service portfolio.


We provide you with an operating environment which is tailored to your needs and on which your applications run optimally. Regardless of whether you require a virtual environment or a complete, physical server, we can provide you with the right solution. You also have the possibility to use your own server hardware. If you place it under our charge, our operational experts ensure it is regularly and dependably maintained.

To ensure the appropriate support of your systems, we agree a monthly allocation of hours with you. You can, of course, contract further work at any time. tarent has over 10 years of experience in hosting and is able to offer and implement complex scenarios reliably.


Hosting options




Virtual machine

We provide you with one or more virtual machines (VMs) with the desired performance features

Server (dedicated) 

- You are provided with your own hardware, which you use exclusively. The exact parameters are specified jointly in advance.


Your hardware is set up in a tarent-datacentre or an agreed third location. We maintain your servers in accordance with the concluded agreements.


Our experts monitor the operation of your systems. If a malfunction should occur, you are notified immediately and we begin fixing the problem concurrently. Monitoring provides data which is retrievable at any time on the utilization of your server components. 

Availability Guaranteed availability of your systems is agreed.
Backup tarent performs backups of your systems at previously defined intervals.
Software licenses We order any third-party software you wish to have, install it on your systems, and provide support if necessary.



Before concluding a contract, we analyse your individual hosting needs, if desired.

The agreed systems are provided in the data centers connected to tarent, and monitored and serviced in accordance with the care plan. You are granted access to our ticket system and our hotline. This enables you to address any queries or report possible errors during the contracted service times. The services in the context of hosting are closely linked to our service portfolio.

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